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Why uTheory?

  • Empower your students to become independent musicians who read fluently
  • Gain rehearsal time without sacrificing theory instruction
  • Teach theory more efficiently with self-directed learning and individualized practice
  • Set students up for success in advanced music studies
Thanks a million for uTheory! Music theory has never seemed so straight-forward before. It's like a whole new world. ”

Clara Dahmer
Oberlin Conservatory Student, Class of 2022

Student Experience

uTheory is the most engaging way for students to learn music theory.

  • Music theory, rhythm and ear training
  • Interactive video lessons from top teachers
  • Immediate feedback
  • Adaptive practice based on performance

Teacher Experience

Create and configure classes

Invite students to join your classes, and set preferences from solfege settings to individual accommodations.

A cartoon group of students interacting with a smart board
A cartoon group of students interacting with a smart board

Assign lessons and practice

Keep students on track with lesson due dates, assign specific lessons and exercises to practice, and hide future content from the student view.

Track student progress

View an entire class's progress at a glance, or drill down to detailed assessment data for individual students.

Two cartoon teachers view student progress graphs.
A cartoon teacher leans over a clipboard with a pencil, writing a test.

Build custom tests and quizzes

Choose the topics and types of questions, set your test parameters. uTheory will do the hard work of writing and grading the test.

uTheory is fabulous! I've been teaching for 34 years and your program is SIMPLY AMAZING!! ”

Darcy Reese
Choir Director, Franklin Middle School, Thief River Falls, MN

Testing & Assessment

Design custom tests that fit your teaching needs.

  • Automatic question generation and grading
  • Topics aligned to your curriculum
  • Online placement tests
  • Configurable content, passing requirements and more

uTheory tests teach, too.

  • Detailed feedback following each test
  • Direct access to relevant practice
  • Worry-free retakes

Advanced question generation features provide a new test each time a student takes it, with minimal internal repetition. There are literally millions of permutations possible, so you can allow retakes without the risk of students memorizing the exam.

I can't imagine teaching a music theory fundamentals class without uTheory. The progression of topics, clear explanations, and the opportunity for students to practice at their own pace or mine make uTheory the perfect complement to my lectures, live workshops and traditional pencil-and-paper assignments. ”

Joseph Lubben
Associate Professor of Music Theory, Oberlin Conservatory


  • Sound Pedagogy

    Lessons in uTheory are based on decades of experience teaching as well as up-to-date knowledge of music theory pedagogy. uTheory’s authors teach at the Oberlin Conservatory, James Madison University, and Interlochen Arts Camp. Their work has been published in the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy.

  • Active Learning

    Students learn best when they're engaged, and uTheory provides hundreds of interactive exercises to give them that experience.

  • Aural Connection

    Students hear music for every question they answer, helping them quickly connect theoretical concepts to sound.

  • Mastery Learning

    Students learn at different paces, and uTheory adapts to that. uTheory tracks progress towards mastery of skills, not just whether the questions on a predetermined assignment were right or wrong, and uses this to determine whether more practice is needed, and what that practice should be.

Our Team

Gregory Ristow

Gregory Ristow

Founder and lead developer, Greg brings twenty years' experience teaching music theory and ear training. He teaches at Oberlin and Interlochen.

David Newman

David Newman

Author and developer, David's pedagogical videos have millions of views on YouTube. He teaches at James Madison University.

Leah Sheldon

Leah Sheldon

As Head of Teacher Engagement, Leah brings her experience teaching music in public schools to help teachers use uTheory.

uTheory running on a phone, tablet and computer

What do my students need to use uTheory?

  • Computer
  • Chromebook
  • Phone or Tablet

uTheory runs in a web browser. No software or app installation required.

uTheory is a great program. The value is excellent and it's easily accessible and user-friendly. ”

Nicole Avesani
Avesani Voice Studio


Group License Individual Subscriptions Testing-Only License Free
All of uTheory at no cost to students All of uTheory at no cost to schools Ideal for placement testing Limited features for occasional use


  • Unlimited lessons and practice
  • Unlimited tests and test attempts
  • Free to students


  • Unlimited lessons and practice
  • Unlimited tests and test attempts
  • Students pay $5.99/month or $39.99/year**


  • Limited lessons and practice*
  • Unlimited tests and test attempts
  • Free to students


  • Limited lessons and practice*
  • Free to students



  • Assign lessons and practice
  • Track student progress
  • Create multiple custom tests
  • Free to schools



  • Assign lessons and practice
  • Track student progress
  • No custom testing features
  • Free to schools

*Currently limited to 10 pages of a lesson or practice exercise

**Discounted access packs for sale at bookstores are available upon request

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uTheory is free for teachers.

A group license for education gives students in your classes unlimited access to uTheory. The costs for an institution start at 75% off the individual subscription rate. Group licenses include custom testing features.

Licenses last one year, and can begin on any day of your choosing.

To learn more about using group licenses, check out these frequently asked questions or download our license purchasing guide.

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